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Massive 'The Avengers' Marketing Campaign Gets Underway With Acura And “Little Avengers” Commercials

The Collider:
Just the other day, we reported that Disney is pulling out all the stops in its marketing campaign for The Avengers. The studio has partnered up with a slew of companies to provide tie-in promotional material leading up to (and following) the release of the all-star superhero movie. Advertisers like Visa, Hershey, Dr. Pepper and more are getting in on the action, and now the first spots from Acura and Target have landed online. We got wind of the Acura deal back at Sundance, where Steve snapped shots of a suped-up Acura 2012 Stark Industries Super Car. Both commercials are actually really well done, with some nifty special effects on display in the Acura ad and an adorable group of kids playing a very well funded game of dress-up in the Target spot.

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alycakes3363d ago

These are very cute and very creative especially the one with the kids.

darklordzor3362d ago

I think it's time for a 'Little Avengers' movie or short film. That'd be pretty bad ass too, judging by how funny and well it works in the commercial.

alycakes3361d ago

I think it would work as a short movie or even one made for tv.

DarkBlood3362d ago

well the little avenger comerical is cute but the car commerical well i think that just doesnt work you cant really expect that to fly off the shelves literally lol :P