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Taylor Kitsch Sticks Up For John Carter

Press Association - Taylor Kitsch has said he is "incredibly proud" of John Carter, despite its box office losses.

The Canadian actor, who next stars in Battleship, portrayed the titular character in Andrew Stanton's sci-fi epic, which looks set to be one of Hollywood's biggest ever money-losers.

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darklordzor3361d ago

Of course he does. If I was the main headliner for a big budget movie that was struggling, I'd be trying to stick up for it too...especially if I wanted to be involved in a sequel or anything.

MinimeJer053361d ago

Glad to hear. John Carter was awesome and I feel bad for the guy because he gave it his all.

alycakes3361d ago

I thought the movie was great. I really don't understand why some people didn't like it. It was a great story and it had some of the best action scenes and wonderful cinematography. It had a little bit of everything including the interesting twist at the end.

I went to see it twice and wouldn't mind seeing it again.

MinimeJer053360d ago

I think I've seen it 3 times and I really want to check it out once more before it's gone. Totally agree with what you've said above.