IGN - Game of Thrones: "The North Remembers" Review

IGN - First off, before I get into the excellent Season 2 premiere episode, "The North Remembers," let me just say that, as a big fan of Season 1 and the George R. R. Martin books, I'm so happy to have this wonderful show back on the air. The creators of this series have not only done a tremendous service to the book saga, but they've also created a supremely engrossing TV world, with each role perfectly cast and fantastically acted. So, going forward, when I have a few gripes here and there, or possibly wind up not liking a particular episode as much as others, keep in mind that, overall, I think this is a way-above average series that thrills, chills and plays a rather malicious game of jump rope with one's heartstrings. And I know I'm not the only one.

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