The Daily Rotation - Tyrannosaur Review

Brad of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Releasing on April 3rd on DVD and Blu is Tyrannosaur, the debut feature from outstanding Irish actor Paddy Considine (In America, Dead Man’s Shoes.) In Tyrannosaur, we follow Joseph, a ticking time bomb of anger and rage, played with terrifying subtlety by Peter Mullan. He spends his days wandering aimlessly and drinking heavily, waiting to run into the unfortunate person who will set him off. By chance, he stumbles into a Christian charity shop run by Hannah (Olivia Colman). She appears kind, affectionate, and warm-hearted; everything Joseph is not. She believes that the Lord can come into even the cruelest of hearts and change them for the good. Joseph believes otherwise, and isn’t afraid to let her know."

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