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New TV Spot for 'The Avengers'

The Collider:
Not to pile on here, but we’ve got even more goodness from The Avengers to share today. Steve posted his extensive coverage from his visit to the set, and we just reported that fans will have to opportunity to win advanced screenings for their cities via Facebook. Now a new TV spot has gone online. Coupled with the two TV spots from this weekend, we now have a great deal of new footage to sort through. We caught a glimpse at the aliens in the previous spots, and this one gives us a look at some Helicarrier action.

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alycakes3364d ago

Very good tv spot and one I haven't seen before. There are so many things out there already that you really don't know what to watch any more but pretty soon the movie will be here and I'll just be happy to be able to see it a few times on the big screen.

darklordzor3364d ago

It's funny how we went from having almost nothing on this film, to having more than we know what to do with. At this point, I think I've already seen plenty to get me excited for the film. I'm not going to jump out of my pants for every little piece of footage that comes out now. Thank goodness it's only a month away.

alycakes3363d ago

I am excited about that. I just wish time didn't fly by so fast but at the same time....I'm glad this movie is almost here.