"Ant Man… The Closest It’s Ever Been” – Kevin Feige

Bleeding Cool:
Bleeding Cool has just had a remote videoconference chat with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige from Disney’s Hammersmith offices, ahead of the release of The Avengers (Avengers Assemble in the UK) next month.

We’ll have a larger piece later, but I did want to share what Kevin Feige said about a favourite topic for Bleeding Cool, the Edgar Wright Jr/Joe Cornish scripted Ant Man project at Marvel Studios.

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alycakes2579d ago

I had never heard of Ant Man until I got on this website. I guess as much as I'm into all these characters...I can still miss a few here and there.

darklordzor2579d ago

Well he's not exactly one of the well-known heroes everyone is always talking about. I've read some of his stuff a few times and thought it was fun. I could live without this movie but with Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish writing it, there's no way I'll pass it up.

shadow27972578d ago

I couldn't care less about Ant Man himself, but since I love the character of Wasp (and she kind of comes with the Ant Man package), I wouldn't mind seeing Ant Man make it to the big screen. Ant Man and Wasp in the Avengers 2 would be awesome.

However, as superheroes go, they're really not very believable in the "serious" world of the current movies. I doubt the movie would be very popular if it gets made, unfortunately.

DarkBlood2578d ago

ant man, ants *shivers* lol i would just become a villian dedicated to destroying antman lol