Bookstove Review: Ultimate Spiderman TV Premiere

A few months ahead of the release of The Amazing Spiderman in theatres, Marvel has created Ultimate Spiderman, a new animated series to introduce a new generation to the Spiderman character. Trouble is this isn’t the Spiderman Marvel fans grew up with.

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Soldierone2577d ago

This is EXACTLY what I was afraid of when Disney bought Marvel....The first episode was alright, but nothing like that of Spectacular Spider-Man.

I watched this and Young Justice for the first time (which is where the Spectacular Spider-Man crew went) and Young Justice is amazing. I honestly wish Spectacular Spider-Man got to continue....I can only imagine what they could have done with a long term deal, and then putting Spidey in the black suit for a while. It was honestly on the road to compete with the 90's show.....

However I'm glad Sony took the movie instead....rather not have another visual effects frenzy Marvel/Disney movie....crossing my fingers this ones focus is story instead.

DarkBlood2576d ago

it seems disney will warp anything they own into thier own friendly image, im not against them doing whatever they want to thier own "old and new* property.

But when they buy other companies and apply thier method on to them i feel the line has been crossed greatly know what i mean?

Soldierone2576d ago

I know exactly what you mean, but I called this happening the second the deal was made. Yet I'm the one that got all kinds of hate for it. Supposedly Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled because no one was watching it, yet look at how many times this new show has been compared to it lol

I like Disney, don't get me wrong, but their is a time for Disney and a time for my eyes that line should never be crossed.

DarkBlood2576d ago

next thing you know you'll have magneto and wolverine in a musical movie where instead of a fight they sing instead

it wont do anything to them but it will kill us lol

Megaman_nerd2576d ago

Well, at least the art style is way better and much more detailed than that sloppy one on Spectacular Spider-Man.

Soldierone2576d ago

Personally think I'd sacrifice the style for the story of the past show.

killalot1002576d ago

I am going to give this show a little bet more time before I compared it much to Spectacular Spiderman. I really didnt like the art on Spectacular Spiderman to much but the animation was good. My 3 year old nephew watched Spectacular Spiderman and loved it and Im hoping he likes this as much as that show. We both really like the Avengers Mightiest Heros so I cant say Disney is to blame. I lol at the part were spidey tricks flash into hiding in the locker.

shadow27972575d ago

I actually kind of liked it. It's definitely a bit childish, but I think the storytelling will mature. There's a lot of set-up required in the first couple episodes, and since they side-stepped the origin story, there really wasn't a lot of room for development. Not to mention they also introduced SHIELD, and explained that.

I started watching Spectacular right before it was cancelled. I've watched the first season, but not the second yet. It's pretty good, but I definitely don't think it's as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. I prefer the 90's cartoon, by a lot.

Couple things I don't like about Ultimate: Aunt May, he already knows Mary Jane (which may have been true in the Ultimate comics, I don't know. I just like the "jackpot" line), he's part of a team (Ugh).

Oh, and Young Justice is awesome. And I really like Avengers EMH, too.