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First TV Spot for ParaNorman

The Collider:
The first TV spot for the stop-motion animated film ParaNorman has gone online. The pic comes from Laika, the studio that gave us Coraline, and centers on a curious little boy whose ability to talk to the undead comes in handy when his town is ravaged by zombies, ghosts, witches, moronic grown-ups, and a centuries old curse. I was 100% sold on this movie after the glorious first trailer, and all the subsequent spots have only increased my anticipation for what looks to be an incredibly fun (and gorgeous) creature feature. This TV spot is no different, and even doubles down by throwing some good natured humor our way.

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alycakes3365d ago

I don't know about this one yet. They haven't sold me on going to see this movie.

darklordzor3365d ago

I was sold on this movie with the very first trailer. I love this style of animation and think it's a lost art form in the film world. I have high hopes for the films that utilize it.