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Chevy Chase In Fued With 'Community' Creator Dan Harmon

UPDATE SUNDAY: Since I posted the story yesterday, several people working on the show have come forward to confirm Chase’s version of the events. One noted that the show indeed was “suffering through a ‘non-script day’” when Chase walked off. Another claimed that most of the cast and crew members who attended the wrap party disapproved of Harmon’s behavior at the bash.

PREVIOUS: Things are looking up for NBC’s perennial bubble series Community, which has been solid since returning from a long hiatus earlier this month, establishing itself as NBC’s second highest-rated comedy behind The Office. But behind the scenes, a rift between co-star Chevy Chase and creator/executive producer/showrunner Dan Harmon has escalated into an ugly war of words.

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alycakes3366d ago

I'm wondering if Chevy will stay on with the show after what has conspired between the two. It wasn't nice and it would have been enough for anyone to walk off a show.

StarWarsFan3364d ago

That was a terrible thing to say at the party on Dan Harmon's part.

MasterD9193363d ago

Harmon is replaceable. Chevy is not.

This is one of my favorite shows and I'm surprised that Harmon pulled that in front of everyone. That is ridiculous and looks really bad on NBC, but then again they don't really have any idea how to run their network so it won't be too surprising when they keep Harmon there after all of this.

Imagine when the Office and Community go bye bye...Where will NBC be then?