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IGN Review - Spartacus: Vengeance "Wrath of the Gods"

IGN says

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow.

If I were to sum up "Wrath of the Gods" in one word, it would have to be – Unrelenting. Any fan of Spartacus is accustomed to a good amount of blood, death and violence on a weekly basis but the finale to Vengeance delivers an onslaught of pivotal moments that will have a profound impact on the series going forward. To use an obvious cliche, "Wrath of the Gods" kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and left me breathless, cheering, mourning and excited about what is to come next. This season had its up and downs but this finale delivers everything I would expect from Spartacus.

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Crazay3366d ago

I was absolutely slack jawed at how this season ended. I sure hope there is someone here on filmwatch that watches this show as religiously as I do so I can have a good dialogue about it. Do not read further if you haven;t seen the episode or plan to watch it in the near future.

I was a little pissed when Mira was killed. She was my favorite female character on the show and I thought she was coming into her own as a strong female leader.

I was stoked when that bastard Ashur was decapitated. I hated that guy with the fiery heat of 1000 suns(props to the actor for illiciting those feelings since that's the character he was).

The whole thing with Illythia and Lucretia was insane. I didn't think the directors/writers of the show had the balls to take it as far as they did and I thank them for it (they will no doubt take some heavy criticism for these scenes). I actually let our a slight gasp when it was all playing out. That has NEVER happened to me before.

When Glaber took that sword down his big fat yap, I clapped. What an amazing show.