A BTS of a Special Feature For The Future Blu Ray of The Dark Knight Rises

AICN says

Hey folks, Harry here...This is pretty damn cool.Josh Turchetta was on hand as Warner Brothers was shooting a behind the scenes special featuring all the classic Batmobiles, including Adam West's sweet fucking pimp ride Batmobile. I've seen photos of this, but man I love Josh's video showing them off!

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Crazay2923d ago

I'm going to take some flak for this no doubt but I liked Michael Keatons Batmobile the best of them all. Mostly because you can see that it was inspired by the Corvette which happens to be my more realistic dream car. The Tumbler was kinda cool in a military sort of way but I never much cared for it as a Batmobile for some reason. I think it's going to look sweet with Bane's band of goons though.

tunaks12913d ago

I agree. The tumbler looks like a mess to me, just scrap metal with wheels. The batmobile from Burton's films is the best!