Ted: Restricted Trailer

Funny or Die has the Red band trailer for Seth MacFarlane's Ted.

Thunder Buddies for life! Watch Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane in the new trailer for the R-rated comedy.

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Crazay2572d ago

That movie is sure to be hilarious. I love MacFarlane and his style of humor.

darklordzor2572d ago

You know what, I laughed harder at the censored trailer they debuted during Family Guy last night. Seriously, sometimes the crude stuff gets over the top to the point where it ceases to be funny. Still looks like a fun film though.

Crazay2571d ago

I haven't seen the edited trailer yet but absolutely loved this one. AT least with this trailer, you know EXACTLY what you're paying for. This will probably be the first comedy I pay to see in the theaters in years.