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Can AMC’s 'The Killing' Get Its Mojo Back In Season 2? And How Season 1 Caught Hollywood’s Attention

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If you never watched AMC’s crime drama “The Killing” last year, but heard a lot of the buzz and noise, let’s help you out. The narrative went like this: The pilot episode of the show -- an eerie mix of David Fincher “Seven” rain/gloom aesthetics and the “Twin Peaks”-like ominousness found in the Pacific Northwest -- received near universal acclaim from critics.

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alycakes3365d ago

I don't think it's going to get all the attention it got last season. People want to know who the killer was and they aren't getting answers. I watched parts of it last night and it was more frautrating than entertaining.

StarWarsFan3364d ago

I never fell in love with this for some reason.

alycakes3363d ago

I didn't really care for it that much but I tried to watch and keep up the first season then they went and made everyone angry at the finale. I really can't get back into it now...tried watching the first episode and couldn't get into it.