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John Carter Will Make Money for Disney According to Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed disputes Disney's claim that they will lose $200 million on "John Carter" and points out that the film will likely make a profit long term for the studio as may future sequels.

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Soldierone3365d ago

For One I sure as heck hope we see more, I loved the movie and will go see a second one in a heartbeat.

However the shady business is true. Usually studios say this so they don't have to pay writers. Basically they pay writers an initial fee, and then they have to pay everyone a percent based on how much money a film made. If they turn around and say "well with all this added in, we made absolutely nothing" then those people dont get bonuses. it happens with major pictures ALL the time, and it won't surprise me if thats what happened here.

Garethvk3365d ago

I love your comments. I am getting flamed big time on IMDB for this stance. I work with Disney alot, the film, game, theme park, and tv side and I can tell you this. They do not spend money unless they know they will make it back. Yes the film has underperformed, and yes, they are unsure of doing sequels, but I think that with the attention the film has received as well as better marketing the DVDs can turn the tide. I also think that better marketed sequels in the $150 million range could do well for them.

Soldierone3365d ago

I honestly don't see why another film in the series would cost anywhere near as much. Basically just carry over a lot of the visual things, no need to make them from scratch, and get a cheaper crew in there.

The film also did the marketing for them, and if they change the crummy title to a second one it will do fine.

Honestly doubt it's as bad as everyone is making it out to be. The theater was still packed when we went and we went almost 2 weeks later. It just wasn't Avatar like numbers, and thats what Disney wanted.

Their goal right now should be to get this film into as many hands as possible, get as many people to see it as possible. Then make a second and profit off that. The article was well writtin in regards to "you have to spend money to make money." Its just like a comic book. When your breaking in as an indie comic book, you hand it out and you give it away for free, and eventually people will come back to get more and thats where your money comes from, not the first issue.

Garethvk3365d ago

EXactly, as I said. Shave a few hundred aliens in the background and make it a more character centered film, save the mobs for the finale.