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Most Heartbreaking April Fools' Movie News Scoops (2012)

From TMP:

It's that magical time of the year again when everyone and their dog does everything in their power to lie to you. Yep, it's April Fools' and media outlets all over the web are trying to dupe their readers. Not us here at TMP (as far as I know...), instead we like to help our readers decipher the pranks (though many are pretty easy to figure out).

For movie buffs, you might as well count this day as a loss for any kind of real news. Thankfully April Fools' fell on a Sunday this year, so there's not as much real news to get mixed up with any way. The reason it's such a pain in the ass is that sometimes the April Fool's news pranks are really awesome, or something fans have been wanting to hear about for a while. Or the news is so infuriating that it leaves fans angry and heartbroken. So, like last year, TMP is here to show you all of the most heartbreaking April Fool's movie news you will encounter on the Internet today.

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darklordzor3364d ago

I really want the TIE Swatter.

alycakes3363d ago

I came across so many but you could tell which ones were April fools jokes...I can't see how anyone would mistake them as being true...but who am I to judge.

I got tired of looking for stories...there were just too many of the April fool ones out there.

darklordzor3363d ago

Yeah I thought the same thing, all of them seemed pretty obvious, but judging by some of the comments left on those articles...quite a few people were buying into it.

Soldierone3363d ago

The dang Ryan Reynolds one had me fooled for a minute until I realized what day it was. I was getting so angry for that minute. I don't hate him, just him as another superhero? lol

darklordzor3363d ago

Yeah Reynolds as Batman wouldn't really have bugged me, if he wasn't already Green Lantern for WB as well.

Soldierone3363d ago

And Deadpool, and also having a massive crowd wanting him as Flash lol

Supposedly he is perfect for everything....

Lord_Sloth3363d ago

CN airing Toonami again was the most hurtful to me. I miss Toonami so much.

Confirming a Sulu film was so obvious.

Soldierone3363d ago

I think all the fools jokes aside, Google had the best ones lol. A teleport me app for Chrome and the ability to buy a Youtube collection of Laser Discs haha, so great