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Cartoon Network Re-Airs Toonami as April Fool’s Joke

Cartoon Network surprises fans with the return of Toonami in place of regular Adult Swim programming.

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-MD-3367d ago

Toonami needs to make a comeback.

darklordzor3366d ago

Could not agree with you more. The quality of shows in general on Cartoon Network during the regular days leave me wanting. Their DC Nation is pretty fun though, but they need something like Toonami to come back and rule.

Soldierone3366d ago

I actually love most of their shows now. There was a time between now and when toonami left wher the channel sucked, but the new shows are great.

I think a lot of their original programming on Adult Swim is pure crap though lol thats the only thing I hate.

darklordzor3366d ago

Adult Swim was more awesome with their original line up of Home Movies, Space Ghost, SeaLab 2012, and the original Aqua Teen Hunger Force. All of the live action stuff they do now is just not funny. It's more gross and stupid than anything.

Soldierone3366d ago

Yeah don't understand why they keep making live action shows on CARTOON Network lol....that new show Level Up I absolutely cannot stand. If thier shows were more like Nickelodeon or something with some adult humor mixed in it might be fine, but then they go too far with the Adult Swim live action stuff. I mean the whole voice changed show, its a good episode for a joke, but an entire series based on that? come on.

However they do have probably the best cartoons on TV right now. DC Nation, Johnny Test, almost everything except Adventure Time is awesome. My little brother hates the show too so I don't understand what the target audience is.....

In fact I'm missing Spider-Man Unlimited, which might be something CN missed out on thanks to Disney lol

SilentNegotiator3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I liked the 90s superhero shows that they played. Superman/Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League....those were awesome.

Young Justice is probably the best one in a while, but it still has some immaturity to its writing (the forced "make it relatable to kids" sort of thing). Better than "The Batman" or "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", though.

All of the live action sucks.

But it's easy to look back with nostalgia. It's not like there wasn't plenty of stinkers in-between the good stuff back then, too.

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Kalowest3366d ago

"Cartoon Network Re-Airs Toonami as April Fool’s Joke"
That's just fucked up, it's not even funny.

darklordzor3366d ago

Damn! How did I freaking miss this! I loved Toonami. Even if it was for one night, it would have been totally worth it to watch.

Soldierone3366d ago

I'm kinda glad it was just a joke. While I respect the shows I prefer to watch Family Guy and American Dad before I go to sleep than Toonami. Never really got an interest in those shows beyond Dragon Ball Z, and DC Nation fills the void perfectly as I like it a lot more.

shackdaddy3366d ago

I like watchin FG and American dad right before bed too but if I remember correctly, toonami always came on before adult swim so if it did make a comeback, it wouldnt affect any adult swim shows...

Soldierone3366d ago

Yeah, I was mostly referring to when it aired last night. It's just a personal opinion. I know people liked Toonami and I'm sure those people would enjoy it.

Shadonic3366d ago

hey adventure time is awesome

Soldierone3366d ago

I watch a lot of cartoons, its just something I never grew out of, but cannot stand Adventure Time. No disrespect to anyone that does enjoy it, but personally not my type of show. Plus I don't know anyone personally that still likes it.

I and a bunch of people were like "hmm this is pretty cool" when they did the zombie episode, but after that we stopped liking it.

Zachmo1823366d ago

The Amazing World of Gumball is better!!

Shadonic3365d ago

gumball and adventure time are both good

jack who3366d ago

n this is why Cartoon Network is crap now

r213366d ago

that is like the worst April fools joke ever...

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