Who Are The Aliens In Marvel's The Avengers

The fans on the SuperHeroHype Forums made these animated gifs using the new "Head Count" TV spot for Marvel's The Avengers to give us a good and repeated look at "Loki's Army" in the anticipated May 4 release.

Who do you think these aliens are? Have we seen them before in the comics? Are they something new created for the movie? Are they Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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alycakes2581d ago

These are pretty cool moving images. I still can't really tell exactly what they are.

darklordzor2579d ago

I'm going to be honest, at this point I just don't care. As long as it works within the story of the movie, I could care less who the aliens are. Chances are they are just some random race, which is fine by me.

alycakes2579d ago're right about that. It's really not important..they'll get their butts kicked either way. Maybe not at first but you know the good guys always win. I'm sure there will be casualties on all sides but that's alway to be expected. The Avengers will still come out ahead.

xVeZx2579d ago

they just look like monsters from asgard like the frost giants or whatever they were....