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Shock Till You Drop Review: Intruders

There's been a lot of great Spanish horror films over the last few years as the country has produced some fine horror filmmakers. Unfortunately, 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's return to his roots, trying to create something like the films Guillermo del Toro has mastered in recent years, is plagued by a terrible, convoluted script that tries to throw too much stuff at the viewer in hopes some of it might stick.

It opens on a young Spanish boy named Juan being haunted by a faceless monster known as Hollow Face, a name so terrible it's immediately almost impossible to take the movie seriously, but we watch an incident on a scaffolding that at first seems unrelated to anything that follows. We then cut to England where a girl named Mia experiences a similar incident after finding a hand-written story about Hollow Face hidden in a tree and as she continues the story, she becomes plagued by the same shadowy figure.

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alycakes2927d ago

Sounds a little creepy but not so much that it would bother you after seeing it. I think this is something I could watch without getting too scared.