Disney Acquires An Estimated $100 Million In Marketing Support For 'The Avengers'

Marvel Studios and Disney have managed to acquire a whopping $100 million in worldwide marketing support to get The Avengers to the biggest audience possible. The report also reveals when the superhero ensemble will go on sale on DVD/Blu-ray.

Variety reports that Marvel and Disney have acquired an estimated $100 million in worldwide marketing support for The Avengers. This is their largest promotion push yet, with companies including Acura, Dr. Pepper, Visa, Wyndham hotels, Harley-Davidson, Land O'Frost lunchmeats, Farmers Insurance, Hershey, Symantec, Oracle, Colantotte and Red Baron pizza having all signed up. Their aim is to develop strong relationships with these brands moving forward and you may recall that many of them have already played a role in past Marvel Studios films.

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alycakes2576d ago

To us that amount sounds like a lot of extra goodies in our lives but to them it's just a drop in a bucket. I know they've already made a ton of money advertising for this movie and they already have merchandise out for kids in the toys and games dept. so I'm not even going to speculate how much it will make in the end.

Soldierone2576d ago

Actually just barely started seeing it today. I've seen the toys for ages, but its toys they would be stupid to not be banking on that as soon as possible.

However today was the first time I saw Avengers on Dr Pepper, its the only thing I've seen it on though. Perhaps its because I like Dr Pepper and just noticed it there, but it wasn't on any of the soda around it.

DarkBlood2575d ago

i never understood why its mostly Dr. pepper they put these things on

dont get me wrong or anything but that pop tastes like well medicine ironically considering its name lol

people like drinking medicine these days? how about that pink goopy stuff :P

Soldierone2575d ago

I only drink Pepsi and Dr. Pepper lol, I don't drink any other soda. If im going to hurt my body Im going to enjoy it, or ill drink water lol

But to answer the initial post, I'm pretty sure its because Dr Pepper is its own small company. Since its licensed to both Pepsi and Coco-cola (depends on the area) then its an easy sell. Plus DP targets a younger crowd anyways.

I just noticed it said Red Baron Pizza, that sucks. We always buy Totinos or TombStone lol

Soldierone2576d ago

This is cool for me, sounds like collectibles in my eyes :P

I just have a question, will this movie be another Paramount movie, or is it Disney now?