Trailer Wars: Snow White and the Huntsman vs Mirror, Mirror

Sticky Trigger Entertainment writes; "With 2012 playing host to no less than 3 film adaptions of the classic Snow Whie fairytale (Mirror, Mirror, Grimms Snow White and Snow White and the Huntsman), I take a look the recently released trailers of the two blockbusters of the lot, which seem to be going head-to-head for the definitive entertainment version of this much-told story, and bring the verdict of which of these flicks looks to take the cake."

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sjaakiejj2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I can't see Snow White & the Huntsman being anything more than a shallow Twilight copy (not that Twilight isn't shallow already :S)... Snow White was never about the relationship between her and the prince, and I can't seem to remember a huntsman (and even less so a relationship with one) being involved in the tale either.