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Long-Gestating 'The Flash' Movie Is Not Dead Yet

Scribe Dan Mazeau confirms that Warner Bros. Pictures is still 'finalizing their strategy' to develop the film adaptation of the DC Comics character, adding that The Flash is 'very high on the list.'

It's been more than a year since the last time fans heard about "The Flash" movie project. While fanboys have been questioning whether or not the superhero film is still in the works, screenwriter Dan Mazeau has broken the good news that the project is not dead yet. The "Wrath of the Titans" scribe confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures is still actively developing the big screen take on the DC Comics' character.

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alycakes3368d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing a movie about The Flash. He has always been a favorite of mine but if they decide to do it they need to take their time and get it right the first time so that 5yrs down the road they aren't doing a remake.

Soldierone3367d ago

My question is how will they do it? I've never personally gotten into The Flash at all. I know him from Justice League and so on, but overall don't know how in-depth his story is or anything.

Soldierone3367d ago

I think WB needs to kick it into gear and get their major heroes out there on the big screen. I mean not only is it good for business, but its good for comics. If they would get their movies going, they would get more interest in the comics. It kind of makes me angry that WB won't at the very least license these franchises out like Marvel did.

If your going to make it, THEN FRIGGIN MAKE IT. If anything the Justice League needs to adapt like The Avengers do. No one said it has to be a set group, surprise a few people and change it up, get people talking.

alycakes3367d ago

I think DC is just now getting into their other character heros. They have always had Batman and Superman but now that Marvel has done so well with all their other superheros...they might as well get their act together and start making their characters more well known.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33367d ago

The Flash has a lot of potential to be a great superhero movie, unfortunately they already cast Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern :( One glaring problem though: a superhero is only as good as his villians, who does the flash have?

OSIRUSSS3367d ago

Flash has some of the coolest enemies. The Rogues gallery are the main ones.

aDDicteD3361d ago

i hope they make a good movie out of this one, i hope it doesn't follow the steps of green lantern movie