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Is Originality Important?

With The Hunger Games— undoubtedly a rip-off of Battle Royale—currently tearing up the box-office; with Call of Duty being the gaming name on everyone’s lips, and with mum-porn Fifty Shades of Grey being the bestselling Kindle book ever, it seems the time is ripe to pose a question many artists struggle with: Is Originality Important?

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monkeyfox3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

originality doesn't exist.. Everything is built on the ideas of others who in turn build their ideas on ideas others..

Soldierone3368d ago

Overall though those idea's inspired by others are original in a way though. I mean you have "remakes" which is basiclly someone elses take on what the story would be like.

Are they entirely original ideas? No a love story is a love story, but its my love story. Thats why its great. for example.

Soldierone3368d ago

I say it does, because these clones get boring as hell. Dont forget that some of the listed were somewhat original when released. COD had an original style of gameplay that combined all kinds of things when it first released COD4.

Personally I have no interest in a lot of films because they are not original. Hangover 2, was terrible.

edwest3368d ago

The Hunger Games is no more of a rip off of Battle Royale then Star Wars is a rip off of Flash Gordon.

Even Battle Royale isn't the first story of kids being thrust into certain death (alternative versions of Theseus and the Minotaur explore this).