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Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer Offered Two-Year Deals to Return to 'Two and a Half Men'

But the offers provide no raises from what the stars currently make, and that's shaping up as a big problem for the reps for the actors.

Negotiations have begun to bring CBS' Two and a Half Men back for another season—and possibly two more.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that CBS and studio Warner Bros. Television have made offers to series stars Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer to return to the high-rated sitcom for two more seasons. But the offers provide no raises from what the stars currently make, and that's shaping up as a big problem for the reps for the actors.

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-MD-3369d ago

I've never been a fan of the show but my 2 older brothers were. They don't watch it anymore now that Ashton signed on, they say it got really garbage after that happened.

One of them also mentioned to me that his girlfriend even sweats Kutcher and even she dislikes him in the show.

Soldierone3368d ago

To be honest it felt like a toned down Kelso. He is older so he wasn't as stupid. Also at the same time would you have Kelso carry That 70's Show? No.

I don't hate Kutcher, I just think the show is all but done unless they get new writers and some fresh blood behind the scenes.

RufustheKing3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

Sheen made the show what it was. My brother was a big fan of it but ever since Kutcher came on it has never been the same and i have never seen him watch it any more. If it was doing well the crew would get raises but they ain't

it seems that the creator who had a falling out with sheen is only trying to keep the show going, out of his own pride and not letting the show fail. which would prove sheen right. at this moment in time paint drying has more laughs in it.

sikbeta3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

Sheen made the show what it was, because that's exactly how he lives :P I mean, the character and the actor = same person in real life and fiction

I liked the show with Sheen, it was really great, I don't think now without him the show is bad or anything, but to make a "radical change" they put Kutcher as the opposite of Sheen but with the same results :P kind of weak, to be honest, would have been better keep going with the same stuff or call to an end

It doesn't help that the kid is a grown up @sshole in the show now lol

D3mons0ul3367d ago

He's not protagonist material.

alycakes3368d ago

I totally agree...Sheen made that show what it was and although I don't agree with the way he left and what he did....I don't like Kutcher on as a replacement. It just isn't any good now and I don't know that it will last much longer.

Soldierone3368d ago

Wasn't Kutcher living in a mansion of a trailer? And he wants more money? Geez...

I can understand them getting paid a lot of money due to popularity and losing normal lives, but come on lol

Lord_Sloth3368d ago

I know. I'd never argue about price as an actor. I mean, how much money does 1 person really NEED anyway?

alycakes3367d ago

They were wanting them to sign on for two more years without a pay raise...they think that's unfair like their getting minimum wage or something.

Baka-akaB3367d ago

It's actually an ok right now , but doesnt feel at all like Two and half men , but more like a bizarro thing like the "joey" serie .

The plot would be the same if Jon cryer and his kid moved to some city in Ashton's place

Cat3367d ago

ahaha, Joey!! good ref

FlashXIII3367d ago

I turned it off after the first few minutes of Ashton Kutcher being on the screen. It's more like One and two half men now. Unless you call the kid the second man.

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