Is Television the Answer to Crummy Videogame Movies?

From TMP:

Videogame movie adaptations carry a certain stigma with them. Generally speaking, they aren't any good. Sometimes the filmmakers even admit that they had no experience with the source material (which explains quite a bit), but there's another problem. You're trying to cram several hours worth of a game into a two hour film. In the act of condensing the story, something gets lost in the translation. But what about a television show instead?

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Soldierone3363d ago

I hope it's okay that I try and get conversation going here as I'm interested in what other people have to say.

Would you be more comfortable with TV shows for video games? The whole reason we brought this up was because of The Walking Dead. TWD has so much character development and so much going on, that it would be hard to portray the connections easily and as hard hitting in a 2 hour film. I think a lot of video games are the same. You wouldn't care about Snake if his story was 2 hours long. You don't care about any of his enemies until you hear their stories. All of this is hard to portray in such a short amount of time.