Assignment X TV Review: 'Castle' – Season 4 – “47 Seconds”

Castle and Beckett track down a bomber, while Beckett drops her own bomb

ABC has been teasing the whole “I remember getting shot,” thing since last week’s episode, so you kind of go into “47 Seconds” expecting a more intense episode of CASTLE, which you sort of have. Just as a quick recap, the memory thing comes from last season’s cliffhanger finale, in which Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) got shot, and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) held her and finally declared his love for her. Fast forward to this season’s premiere, drat that Beckett, she told Castle she didn’t remember any of the shooting, except that she told her shrink that she remembered every detail.

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alycakes2582d ago

This is going to be very interesting to see where they take this. If I was Castle I guess I would just move on...just like he's going to try to do.

The whole thing is real life things just don't really happen that way but I still felt bad for him anyway.

Cat2581d ago

Yeah, I wish more shows were brave like Chuck and let their characters get together. The tension is fun but it's too easy - real writing can explore relationships and still keep us interested! It's not like Castle and Beckett are twinsies, there's plenty to play with!

alycakes2581d ago

I's like all they think about is that if they get together they can't write good shows anymore. All I know is I want them to get it over with and that way they can move on. I think it would make the episodes so much better and even funnier at time and more drama at others.