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IGN - The Walking Dead: Season 2 Review

IGN - The Walking Dead came into Season 2 as a big hit, but creatively, it was going to be an interesting year to chart. The show was compelling from the start, but had some creative hiccups along the way in Season 1. Would Season 2 – the first time the show would have a full length (for cable) thirteen-episode season -- find it truly kicking into high gear or would there be a sophomore stumble?

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Soldierone3373d ago

Farm way too long, period. It got to a point of people making fun of it for that.

Also I don't care if the show isn't about the zombies, it should be about the end of the world then. It had almost neither in all of it's episodes. They had electricity, water, and plenty of everything with no issues. You take out the zombies entirely and what makes the show special?