Rise of the Guardians Trailer

IGN - The first trailer for DreamWorks' upcoming 3D animated feature Rise of the Guardians debuted online today. The film assembles the Avengers of holiday and childhood icons: Santa Claus, aka North (voiced by Alec Baldwin); Easter Bunny, aka Bunnymund (voiced by Hugh Jackman); Tooth Fairy, aka Tooth (voiced by Isla Fisher); and the Sandman , aka Sandy (he's silent). They are charged with safeguarding the hopes, beliefs and imagination of kids the world over. The less that children believe in them, the more the Guardians' very existence is threatened.

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alycakes2982d ago

That looks like it will be a good movie to take your kids to. I don't know that it would be one I'd see by myself like I would 'Brave' but it does look like a good movie.