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Liam Neeson Officially Confirmed For The Dark Knight Rises

CBM says

Hey, look at that, Wrath of the Titans, will actually yield something interesting, too bad that it comes from their production notes. Looking at those we now have official confirmation that Ra's Al Ghul is back.

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Crazay3372d ago

I'm fairly certain we all knew this but I really can't see him having a role any bigger than being the subject of a few flashbacks.

crxss3372d ago

two words - lazarus pit

JL3371d ago

I'd say there's no way Nolan goes the Lazarus Pit route. That's just too fantastical for him.

extermin8or3371d ago

actually if he found a scientific way to fit it in then he could well- would explain why in the trailer Bane wants gotham to burn; if Bane were working for Ras Al Ghul. I think Talia Al Ghul is in it isn't she being played by marion cotilliard or something?

JL3371d ago

But the point is, there's no realistic scientific way to incorporate the Lazarus Pit - a 'device' which can bring people back from the dead.

Yes, Talia is in this movie and Cotillard is playing her. However, that doesn't really mean that Ra's will be in it. And considering Neeson has said he was only on set for a couple of hours, it's very unlikely he plays a major role like that. That's barely enough time to shoot like one scene/sequence (depending on various factors).

crxss3371d ago

i agree that it'd be difficult for Nolan to implement... but it's Nolan we're talking about! the safer route would be to use Neeson for flashbacks... but i think use of the Lazarus Pit would be better since it's pretty important in the Batman Series.

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Blink_443372d ago

Liam Neeson can only make a movie better.

RickHiggity3371d ago

Movie? Don't you mean Documentary? Just kidding of course. lol

gaden_malak3372d ago

Oh how I hope Batman takes his daughter.

And this works on two levels, lol.

Crazay3372d ago

hahha - please tell us all what you mean by this.

krazykombatant3372d ago

In the comics, bruce has a kid with ras al guls daughter. I dont know if they are married dont think so. But anyways, they have a kid who is the 3rd? Robin. Soo im sure you can surmise the rest. Sorry dont like typing from my cell. These websites could use a mobile site.

gaden_malak3371d ago

Well, Ra's Al Ghul has a daughter called Talia, who may or may not be in this movie (I honestly don't know).

In the movie Taken, Liam Neeson's characters daughter was Taken when she was in France and he went on an ass-kicking tour of France to get her back.

Therefore I hope Batman takes Talia so Ra's can go on an ass kicking tour of Gotham.

Bathyj3372d ago

God I love Liam Neeson.

After seeing Taken, he should be the next James Bond.

DarkBlood3371d ago

he turned that role down years ago

John Kratos3371d ago

Awesome, just watched Batman Begins again today, he was so awesome in that one.

gaden_malak3371d ago

And he looks cool in a suit and a mischievous goatee.

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