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Kenneth Branagh Gets Jack Ryan Reboot Moving Again As He Takes The Director's Chair

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Left for dead? Never count out Jack Ryan. A week after the long developing/suffering Jack Ryan reboot AKA "Moscow" lost director Jack Bender, Paramount has re-upped with a helmer who not only knows how to deliver blockbuster action on a dime, he's an Oscar nominee too.

Variety reports that Kenneth Branagh, who got a taste of the multiplex as the man behind "Thor," is now attached to direct the movie. But moreover, with a director now back in the mix, Paramount is apparently hoping to get this rolling in the fall, once Chris Pine is done doing his work on "Star Trek 2," also for the studio. But all this comes amidst rumors that while the studio has been happy with the script, they haven't been too hot on the budget, which they still think is too high. And indeed if that's still an issue, the hiring of Branagh seems a smart move as he's already familiar with working with constraints, as Marvel have never been known to spend what they don't need or want to.

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alycakes3372d ago

I enjoyed the Jack Ryan movies that were done but I don't know that I would care to see them redone. Maybe something new....maybe a book that wasn't made into a movie but not the ones that already were.