Chloe Moretz Confirmed for Carrie

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Chloe Moretz has confirmed, via her Twitter feed, that she'll play the title role of Carrie White in Kim Peirce's upcoming remake of the Stephen King novel, Carrie.

"Never been so happy in my life!" Moretz tweeted. "Thank you Kim Pierce and thank u MGM for the chance of a lifetime i will never forget!"

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Crazay2580d ago

This is an amazing casting choice. I think she's such a talented young actress and this role is right up her alley.

-MD-2579d ago

Seems a bit young, wasn't the original actress well into her 20's?

Crazay2579d ago

I think Sissy Spacek was in her 20s when it was show but she was still playing a 16-17yr old girl. By the time they get this movie started she'll be about 15-16yrs old so, no she won;t be too young. She'll be right in line with how old she should be in the story.

-MD-2579d ago

So this'll be her 3rd horror film remake? Hollywood is just flat out boring these days.

-MD-2579d ago

I guess the guy that disagreed with me is into seeing the same movies over and over.

360ICE2579d ago

That doesn't sound very realistic. I think most people like seeing several movies, not just rewatch a few.

alycakes2579d ago

I like her but I'm not sure they really needed to do the Carrie remake. To be sure some remakes are okay but this one....I'm not really so sure.

Deadpool6162579d ago

I guess they want to make a Carrie show or movie every 10 years?? =/