LRA: The Hunger Games - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Films like this is why I started this blog and our podcast in the first place. The Hunger Games is a film with many issues ranging from its ill-conceived world to its directionless narrative but its one major flaw has almost nothing to do with the movie itself but more to do with those aforementioned fans. By loving something merely out of an affection for the source material it is derived from devalues other films that have gotten it right and that upsets me a little to be honest. I can't speak to the quality of the translation from novel to screen but if this is an accurate interpretation of what is in that book then I for one am glad I never decided to read it. I had no real expectations, all I wanted was an entertaining movie and by those standards I couldn't help but feel extremely disappointed by The Hunger Games, a film that will (and has) become a huge success no matter what I or anyone else has to say about it.

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