How I’d Fix It: John Carter

"How I'd Fix It" is a new column by writer Dan Schindel discussing some of the little, and big changes that might have turned a flop into a blockbuster. From the opening paragraph, "John Carter has received a mostly negative reaction, both from critics and movie fans. General audiences appear to have shunned the film as well, in America at least, although you can blame that on a botched marketing campaign more than the film itself."

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alycakes2930d ago

I liked John Carter. I don't think it needed any fixing. If there weren't so much negative press maybe there would have been more people that would have gone to see it. I'm glad I'm one of those that doesn't listen to critics...I know what I like when I see the trailers and I read the synopsis of the the movie and I don't let critics sway my decision whether I'm going to see a movie or not.