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New Set Photos From 'Men In Black 3' Show Off Rick Baker’s Great Special Effects Make-Up

The Collider:
Even if Men in Black 3‘s story turns out to be a complete disaster, at least the makeup special effects will be quality. New set photos show that makeup artist guru Rick Baker (the white-bearded gent in the above image) has once again worked his magic, and there are going to be more fun aliens this time around. The set photos also show that, as expected, Jemaine Clement‘s villain has some creepy peepers hiding behind his aviator sunglasses. There’s also nice set photo of the heavy’s sweet ride.

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alycakes3371d ago

This is some pretty neat stuff. I wish I had this imagination.

DarkBlood3371d ago

yeah it looks to be as great as the first film, i even wonder in the trailer with the going to the element might explain the part in the first film about K choosing will smith (insert character name i forgot here lol) because he knew he would eventually know later on

time paradox? does that make any sense to you?

alycakes3371d ago

You know it does make a little sense. I mean why would he have chosen him back then unless he already knew what was going to happen.

DarkBlood3371d ago

i meant to say past in there but im guessing u already know what im talking bout lol