5 Changes To Expect In The Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

CB says

Like a lot of devoted Hunger Games fans who saw the movie over the weekend, I noticed a fair number of changes between the book and the movie, and thought they were almost entirely for the better. Expanding the role of Seneca Crane to help explain how the Games work, giving extra scenes to President Snow to give the story a more central villain, showing Haymitch doing the wheeling and dealing with the sponsors-- it all helped build the world of Panem beyond the perspective of Katniss, which will be crucial in the next two (maybe three?) movies, when the scope of the story expands massively.

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alycakes3365d ago

It's really impossible to put everything that's in a book into the movie. Some of the details are important to the story and some are not but if you haven't read the really don't know any better anyway.

I'm glad I did read the books but if they had added more to the story like I wish they had, it would have been about 3 hours long.

Crazay3365d ago

thats true but the hovercrafts are pretty important elements to the story so to practically leave them out of the movie was a bit puzzling.

alycakes3365d ago

True and also what they do to the people they catch trying to escape.

Crazay3365d ago

I think the avox could easily be explained if there was a need for it which, there isn't in this series. in the books it makes sense but nit the movie.

DarkBlood3365d ago

everything was perfect, i understand leaving alot of the first part of the book out which was easly explained with some simple flash backs n stuff

but i wish they expanded on katniss and Gale a bit more

and the part about district 11 girl name rue and her partner because that was cut shorter then i thought

not alot was explained about creatures for *SPOILERS* obviously fused from the dead tributes

id would have like to see hammerich fall into his own vomit lol but its made out like hes not all that bad at all

and the ending well they should of had gale and katniss sort of angry, this ends up being a happy one if you know what i mean

this is all i have to say about it my self i wouldnt call what i listed complaints but something i wish was expanded a bit more

i smell the last book being split into 2 movies a growing trend im noticing from harry potter to twilight and most likely hunger games

Crazay3365d ago

It's easy to see how they can split the final book into 2 movies. I've been saying that they were gonna do that since I finished the 2nd book.

I do think they they needed to show more of the building relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Another mild point which they didn't get to which I thought they'd leave in was the fact that they were a little too healthy at the end of the movie and Peetas leg wasn't amputated.

DarkBlood3364d ago

damn it i meant to say peeta and not gale in my post lol

but yeah i forgot about the leg part and they didnt show katniss surgical altering or show anything about losing her hearing temporary in her left ear i think

as a hard of hearing person now with a cochlear implant im angry for this :P lol kidding