3 Main Reasons Why Space Alien Ninja Turtles Just Doesn't Work

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Michael Bay's comments about the new origins of the Ninja Turtles (or what's now being called Turtlegate) hasn't sat well with fans; myself included. Through a few of my rantings on the site, I've made it known how I feel about fanboys hating things simply for the fact that it's something different. So rather than just bitch about something on the Internet like a lot people do, I'm going to actually justify my reactions and negative feelings. One thing needs to be made clear, I'm not hating on the new film. I haven't seen it, so there's no telling how good or bad it might be. Instead, I'm expressing my dislike for this new idea that the new film is taking. It just doesn't work for the Ninja Turtles.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32584d ago

Is it really such an important distinction - wether their aliens or not? And if we are being completely honest here, the original cartoon was a huge departure from the original comic book, which from what I'm told is a lot more mature. I don't know, maybe I'm just jaded. I don't think I'd be interested in watching this movie no matter who made it. I went back and revisited the older films and it's true what they say, you can't take it with you.

Soldierone2583d ago

The problem resides in the story itself. They are "MUTANTS" it isn't called Teenage Space Alien Creature Turtles....

When something like this pops up it shows that the director/writer/whoever obviously either didn't read or know about the original story, or doesn't care. Rather that is the same here has yet to be known, but it is Hollywood so that is why everyone jumps to that conclusion.

The main problem here is its Michal Bay and he very well could just be trying to have his studio make another Transformers....

hazelamy2584d ago

it's a pretty bit deviation from the established origin.

though it depends.
if they're still brought up by splinter and they keep the martial arts theme it could work.
whether they're born the way they are or some radioactive goo turns them that way is a relatively minor detal compared with the meat of the story, which is being found by splinter and trained in the martial arts, and splinter's connection to shredder and the foot clan.

but still, it feels like a step too far.

darklordzor2583d ago

Yeah that's how I feel. It might not be too bad, and many of the elements may still be the same, but overall it's a big leap in difference that changes something fundamental.

aDDicteD2583d ago

what was micheal bay thinking? this alterations are not acceptable.

-MD-2583d ago

All he's thinking about is money "how can I streamline this even more to appeal to an even bigger audience?"

I used to defend Bay but jeez that guy is a joke.

darklordzor2583d ago

Hopefully things will all shake out and we'll get a good movie. At the very least Bay isn't the director and doesn't have total control of the project.

-MD-2583d ago

Liebesman is alright I guess, Battle LA was HORRIBLE but I enjoyed Darkness Falls, TCM:TB and even The Killing Room.

Still, there are a bunch of directors I'd rather have behind a TMNT movie.

gaden_malak2583d ago

Wonders if this would be a big deal if Bay didn't have anything to do with it

-MD-2583d ago

It'd still be a big deal, yeah. Bay being behind it is just a slap in the face though.

darklordzor2582d ago

Yeah it'd still be a big deal, for me anyway. Personally, this has nothing to do with Bay. If I'm being honest, I actually kind of like the guy and his brand of action. This is purely about the Turtles for me.