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Push-Start Review: The Hunger Games

"For the moment Gary Ross should be commended for kick-starting a rich, multi-textured franchise for young adults. But let’s hope the producers take a leaf out of the Potter series and hire someone with a stronger vision for the impending sequel"

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alycakes3371d ago

Super movie...can't wait to see it again.

DarkBlood3371d ago

like i mention before that i was going to read the book before seeing the movie the next day and i did

by start to finish from 12 am to 11:48am and i already cant wait to see the second movie and i havent even seen the first one yet lol

i want to read the second one but i want to reserve that close to second movie but that could be a long time :P

alycakes3370d ago

That's the way i was...couldn't put the book down and then I went to the second and the 3rd...the second also leaves you with a cliff hanger and then I was really surprised with the was very different than what I expected but then a lot happens between now and the end of the trilogy so stay tuned.

aDDicteD3364d ago

it was really good, nice review