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Box Office Monster 'Hunger Games' Likely Headed for $350 Mil Domestic Run

Some box office observers believe the Lionsgate movie could even approach $400 million; the film's foreign prospects aren't as bright.

Lionsgate's The Hunger Games successfully scored one of the best openings of all time at the North American box office, but the hunt is far from over--now comes the question of the film's playability.

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alycakes3370d ago

I think this is one of those movies that we knew was going to do well but will still surprise people because it will exceed expectations as far as what it's going to bring in world wide.

I heard some radio station dj say that no one should be allowing their children or even watching it themselves because this was a movie about children killing children..then he admitted he had not read the books and really didn't know what it was all about so to this dj I suggest he get informed before telling the public what to do and what not to do.

Soldierone3369d ago

To be entirely honest this is where the stupidity comes from for many people. He said that and how many "parents" turned around and repeated it and didn't let their kids go?

I remember when Harry Potter released the excuse was "it has witchcraft, we shouldn't be teaching kids that!" and then Transformers released and it was "it has jokes about masturbating!" Its entirely stupid and half the people reporting are more clueless than the people listening.

I mean look at video games. I think it was when Geoff Kighley was on Fox he straight out asked "did you play the game?" and Fox avoided the question stating it was "going off topic" like they always do. And these are the people we are supposed to be listening too.....

Soldierone3369d ago

I think these records were a given. I'm pretty sure a bit of exageration is in there too since everyone is trying to make this take the place of Twilight and Harry Potter until they find another series to milk.

I think this should be on the list for John Carter issues too....don't release just before The Hunger Games!

-MD-3369d ago

Nah the whole John Carter issue was the name change and the horrible marketing.

Just bad bad management.

Soldierone3369d ago

Yeah there were a bunch of backend issues, but I think this could hurt it too.

I mean imagine if it came out in December or earlier in the year. Look at Avatar, I don't think it does that well if it releases during a time like this. Its like putting Avatar just before the Avengers or Harry Potter, people will save their money and go see the heavy marketed movie instead.

-MD-3369d ago

For a bit there before it came out I honestly thought it was going to bomb, the tv spots airing looked awful.