Kony is Baloney: 6 Films that Highlight the Real Africa

Brad of The Daily Rotation wrote, "When the KONY 2012 video went viral, the casual internet goer raged about the injustice in Africa. Instantly, you became an activist. You fell victim to the propaganda, dramatic music, and the swift editing. All the while, you failed to do the one thing that actually changes the world: think for yourself. You began to ask questions like “How can they use children as soldiers?!” Congratulations, you’ve officially broken out of your “America is the only country in the world” bubble. The problem is, these movements never have any weight, because they don’t have any plans to achieve the aforementioned goal(s)."

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Defectiv3_Detectiv32580d ago

Great article. It's not easy to find cinema that authentically portrays Africa, usually we get stuck with crap like 'The Blood Diamond'.