Cinemas Are Planning To Boost the Cost Of 2D Movies So 3D Films Get Cheaper It’s no secret that the movie going public hasn’t exactly embraced 3D films with open arms. Yet for some reason Hollywood hasn’t gotten the message and still keeps cramming 3D content down our throats. What’s even worse is that it now seems that cinemas are going to financially punish patrons who prefer their flicks in just two dimensions.

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SnakeCQC2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

so they screw over the consumer and then complain about piracy. what the hell! so greed makes people stupid?

-MD-2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

This is just ridiculous. Make 2D watchers suffer because 3D is a gimmick and nobody cares about it.

2D tickets are already pushing $10 where I live. I'm not going to drop $15 to see a 90 minute movie when I could wait a month or two and just download it in HD for free.

Soldierone2585d ago

It's because you have major theater chains like AMC making the decisions that everyone follows. AMC here has nearly double the price on EVERYTHING, even ticket prices, than Harkins and other chains. They were also the ones that got rid of student discounts, everyone but Harkins followed till just recently.

I mean watch for articles regarding the theater association, whatever it is called, it always has the head of AMC talking on behalf of everyone.....

DarkBlood2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

by title alone it didnt make any sense after reading it it makes sense in a wrong kind of way

but thats really unfair there are people who cant see 3D and there are people who only have one working eye, what about them dont u want thier dollars

dont increase the price for those customers will get pissed off that they are paying more for literally the same experince 3D viewers are getting

im canadian but this is bullshit allaround

Garethvk2585d ago

They do not embrace them as over 80% of them are crappy lab conversions. The ones that are really 3D, shot in 3D have done well but the genre was tarnished by Hollywood greed. Theaters spent a fortune upgrading to the new tech, and then the studios started giving them reduced quality product rather than what they had expected. Avatar raised the bar so high, theaters thought they were getting this, but got Clash of the Titans, Green Hornet, Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, and countless bad lab conversions. I have said from day one, a cinema or company should be required to disclose in their ads if it was filmed in 3D or converted. This presented in Real 3D is garbage as it is a brand name for 3D it does not convey the quality of the 3D.

Soldierone2585d ago

Honestly don't care if the theaters fell for it. How many times has 3D come through? You think just because Avatar did something you go all in on board? No. You wait and you play your cards.

You see the studios have a grasp over theaters, but in this case the theaters had the upper hand. You want us to convert to 3D tech? Prove to us your movies won't suck and people will watch it. If they did that we wouldn't be getting half arsed crap converted into 3D...

Honestly why does the entertainment industry seem to be the only ones that don't understand the economy sucks? They raise prices, its not that i don't want to pay the prices, but its the fact I CANT pay the prices....Honestly if Harkins didn't have student discounts we would never be able to go at all....

DarkBlood2585d ago

how much are you paying over there versus your discount thing?

Soldierone2585d ago

At Harkins it 9 dollars normally (not terrible compared to everyone else) and for 3D its 12.50 I believe

Student discount is 7 dollars normal, and 10 dollars for 3D.

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