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'The Big Bang Theory' Lives Long, Prospers With Leonard Nimoy

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"I thoroughly enjoyed myself," the "Star Trek" legend tells THR. "[They're] a talented company and a smart show; they made me welcome."

While Leonard Nimoy will be heard and not seen when he guest stars on next week episode of CBS' The Big Bang Theory, CBS has released a pair of photos of his time on the set of the hit comedy.

The Star Trek icon -- aka Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) hero -- will voice a role as Spock in the episode but won't appear on-screen. In the meantime, the show's dream guest paused to take photos with the cast, which were released Friday.

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alycakes3376d ago

I saw Leonard Nimoy last year and he talked to the fans for about an hour or so. He just talked about everything but mostly about his hobbies and his life and I couldn't believe how interesting this man really is. Before I knew it his time was up and we were just not happy that he wasn't done telling us this story so they had to let him finish.

I was just mesmerized by this man and his intelligence and his life....I could have listened to him for hours.