The Hunger Games Pulls in $68.2 Million Opening Day

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Gary Ross' adaptation of Suzanne Collins' popular sci-fi novel The Hunger Games opened at midnight on Thursday night and after raking in $19.7 million in midnight screenings, it grossed another $48.5 million on Friday for an opening day gross of $68.2 million. That is the fifth biggest opening day for a movie domestically as well as the fifth biggest single day gross.

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Crazay2588d ago

Thats some serious cash. it pretty well all but guarantees the rest of the series but there's so much more ground to cover.

alycakes2586d ago

They pretty much got the first book in without leaving out too much details. It still would be nice if they could make it a little longer to get more in. They may have to with the next book although all the books were about the same in length.

I'm ready for the next one...this one really was great to finally watch and see how it compared when I was reading it and seeing it in my mind.