Review - The Hunger Games |

GUFUyourself writes - “The Hunger Games as a novel is both an exciting romp that manages to both keep your eyes glued to the page and criticize aspects of our culture and government. The film is just as exciting, but doesn’t really feel as interested in challenging society. That isn’t to say that it is completely devoid of biting commentary on notions like the 1%, reality TV, or the growing problems of poverty around the world, it just doesn’t seem as concerned with them. Instead of presenting them in a gritty, downtrodden way like the novel, it all feels closer to satire. Even the dirty, third world District 12 feels like it’s playing up the notion of a dystopian shanty town rather than actually putting you into the hell hole author Suzanne Collins describes in her novels. Still, it’s kind of refreshing that a well made film that is aimed at young adults is actually thought provoking, if in a very simple and pedestrian way."

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