The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Death Scenes

The Talking Dead put out a great video featuring the death and kill scenes in The Walking Dead season 2 finale. It will be a long wait until season 3 of The Walking Dead starts but this is a great way to say goodbye.

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-MD-2588d ago

Jimmy is a moron lol, how do you drive an rv into a thousand zombies and leave the door unlocked?

aDDicteD2588d ago

yup jimmy is a complete idiot, serves him right

Soldierone2587d ago

I thought it was locked, it just broke open?

The thing that I didn't like about the episode was that whole scene didn't seem fluid. I mean he goes and crashes into the zombies, then does nothing. He gets up and wonders around and see's the door break open. Why go near the door at that point? Why not drive off? Then the blood splatters all over the window made me laugh.

-MD-2587d ago

I'm almost positive they just walked through the front door and grabbed him.

aDDicteD2587d ago

lol,, that blood of jimmy staining the window was epic, that's how you kill someone as idiot as that ^_^

Soldierone2587d ago

If that is the case it just makes that specific scene all the more stupid lol

-MD-2587d ago

I'm pretty sure they were looking for a way to get rid of the actor that plays Jimmy, he drove the rv into the crowd to save Rick and Carl but yeah nobody would leave the door unlocked like that.

I read somewhere the actor was a dick so I'm lead to believe it was a reason to get rid of him. I mean he was on the farm the entire season and you only saw him like 3 times.

aDDicteD2588d ago

very nice video i like it