Gamevolution: The Hunger Games Review

Attempts by promoters to draw their target audience by piggybacking Twilight fever cheapened what is a bold, bloody piece of speculative fiction. The first time I laid eyes on the promotional posters I could already hear the “team Peeta” vs. “team Gale” arguments a’brewin’. It’s a little off putting to know that marketers felt people could only process a film about a girl under eighteen if it had a “love triangle” dynamic, especially since this story has so much more to offer. The Hunger Games has the grit of a Jack London survival story sharpened into razor by elements of “The Most Dangerous Game” and bookended by the rule of an oppressive government a’la “1984,” “V For Vendetta,” or “Firefly.”

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Tanir2586d ago

Loved the movie, it was awesome :D

wenaldy2586d ago

So no one mentioned Battle Royale?

jon12342586d ago

i have a friend like you, i understand you have a boner for battleroyale but this is a different story , just because battleroyale was first doesnt mean every movie with the same premise is ripping it off.....

alycakes2586d ago

I agree with jon1234. This story is so different. You have to take the big picture into consideration. This movie was so good....I'm going to see it again next week. I thought they did a great job editing it down to the time they did considering the detail of the book. The story was still told with good understanding whether you read the books or not....however, you do have a lot better understanding if you do read the books.

aDDicteD2578d ago

nice review! it deserved to have a high score