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Box Office Report: 'Hunger Games' Grosses Record $19.7 Mil in Midnight Runs

The Lionsgate adaptation starring Jennifer Lawrence is the best showing ever for a non-sequel.

Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games earned $19.7 million in midnight runs, one of the best showings ever at the domestic box office as fans rushed to see the book-to-film adaptation.

Hunger Games, playing in more than 2,500 theaters, scored the best midnight gross ever for a nonsequel and the seventh-best midnight gross overall.

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alycakes3377d ago

This is really great. I can't wait to see what it draws at the end of the weekend but not just domestically but world wide.

Soldierone3376d ago

The question is, is it good? I was telling my GF "let go see a movie...oh wait it will be crowded, nevermind"

JL3376d ago

I've heard nothing but good things about it. I'll be waiting till Monday afternoon to go see it.

Soldierone3376d ago

Yeah we are going in the middle of the day next week too. If not we will go the week after, its one of the few books we remember reading lol

alycakes3376d ago

We're going to the 10am feature on Sunday morning. We figure not many people will be at that one so we'll be safe from the crowds.

alycakes3375d ago

Went to see it this morning and it was so good. It was as good if not better than expected. They did a good job making this movie considering that they had to try and keep the PG13 rating.

I'm going to see it again on Tuesday just to see if I missed something.

StarWarsFan3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

2012 is rocking the box-office so far.