The Hunger Games Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Tracey of Skewed and Reviewed loved "The Hunger Games" and said it is much more than a new Twilight. She praised the casting, story, and action and said it has the elements needed to be a huge hit.

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alycakes2584d ago

This movie trilogy is going to be one of the most successful ever. I thought it was very well made considering that they had to keep it PG13. I was very impressed with all the actors and I'm seeing it again. The book is always more detailed and it would've been nice to see more but I also understand why they didn't have more. Even so it was great.

Garethvk2584d ago

We did an interview with Josh years ago so were happy to see he got this huge career boost. I had a bit of an issue with the shaky camera work but was really drawn into the story and the great work by the cast. Yes I know it borrows from Logans Run, Series 7, Battle Royale, and others but it is a very interesting tale.
Lionsgate was shock as they tend to like the horror films and the smaller dramas, it is already their top grossing film ever, but it was a great adaptation.