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A New Era of Leading Ladies

Several months ago Matt’s Movie Reviews posted a feature on the New Era of Leading Men. Now the focus has switched to the ladies, tremendously gifted thespians one and all that are sure to continue wowing audiences with their talents.

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StarWarsFan3373d ago

It's too soon to declare the new era of leading ladies. You don't know which ones are a fad and which ones have longevity. For instance, Emma Stona is just in the news now because of her role in the next Spider-Man. Ellen Page is also on the list. She's begun to fade quickly after Juno and Inception. And in Inception, she was hardly a lead.

mpejko3373d ago

Hi StarWarsFan,

Thank you for your comment.

Like all lists of this nature, opnion is purely subjective.

I've based mine on what I've seen thus far and what is projected to come from these actresses, which leads me to believe that these next era of leading ladies are not a fad but the future.