Exclusive First Look: The Walking Dead Tour Atlanta

The Walking Dead is one of the great zombie apocalypse sagas. Nearing episode 100 in it’s graphic novel series and recently picked up for a third season on television via AMC, TWD is introducing a whole new horde of lurkers to the mayhem of the “walkers” and those trying to survive in a very dangerous new world. In Atlanta GA one of the “notable zombies” from seasons one and two, Tony Gowell, serves as tour guide of the locations where the most memorable scenes were shot and the great escapes from certain doom were made by Rick Grimes and crew.

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Best-Horror-Movies2590d ago

If you live in Atlanta or are visiting the area and enjoy The Walking Dead you will want to check this out.

Soldierone2588d ago

This show is the only reason I want to go there lol....I'd love to be apart of the production in some way, heck let me serve food and I'll be happy haha

StarWarsFan2588d ago

This is a great production for Atlanta.