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FTG-Nerd Review: The Hunger Games

From Lionsgate Entertainment, The Hunger Games is about a girl’s survival in a fight to the death tournament for her district’s honor. Will the world truly be watching or will the film’s odd not be in its favor?

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alycakes3374d ago

I'm so happy it's finally here. I think we will try and see it on Sunday at the early showing...hope it's not all booked up.

Daver3374d ago

i have watched it already and i still dont know if i liked it or not loll. Its tough to be objective after reading the books.
They kept the essential but a lot of things are missing still

chingy13373374d ago

Totally agree with this comment. I enjoyed many parts, but dang, they missed so many awesome opportunities with the film.

alycakes3374d ago

You have to consider that with any movie the book is always going to be better....that is the curse of reading a book first. Books are so detailed that we always feels like something else could have been done but all in all they do the best they can to keep it down to the time frame they have to work with and the budget too.

Batman52733373d ago

Books are only better because you have the power of your own imagination. Nothing will ever be superior to you own individual mind and how you perceive reality. That being said. No one can blame the screenplay of the movie since it was co-written by the author herself. And somethings just do not translate well on the big screen. An author can write two pages to describe a room or environment that can just simply be shown in 2 seconds on film.

This was the same complaint with Interview with a Vampire and Anne Rice wrote the screenplay.

alycakes3373d ago

Very true...I can see a movie happening when I'm reading. I see it all in my mind and I see everything. It's amazing.