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Player Affinity writes: "Five months ago, The Walking Dead returned with its second season and it’s now done and dusted. Opinions on whether or not the 13 episode run that we saw was actually any good are no doubt wildly varying, but from what I can tell the general consensus is that the finale, “Beside the Dying Fire,” was excellent. I am now going to buck that trend and say that, in its best moments, this episode was mediocre. Pretty much everything we all knew was going to happen happened, it wasn’t executed very well and absolutely everyone that isn’t Daryl Dixon is now thoroughly unlikable (okay, so Andrea didn’t really do anything wrong, but she was in the bad book anyway for being jealous of Lori earlier)."

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-MD-2585d ago

This guy doesn't sound like a fan at all, everyone I know loved the finale. A 6 is a joke.

Is this guy aware that Shane needed to be killed to allow Rick to evolve as a character? Most of the characters that die on the show die for a reason.

Soldierone2584d ago

Yeah, that and it sounds like someone just wants to hate the episode to squeeze a few hits out of it.

Thabass2584d ago

Remember, this is a review. This is not supposed to be a fan-written review. It's an objective look at the episode and the journalist gave his opinions on the show's episode.

Soldierone2584d ago

Spoilers below

I have to disgree with the first statement. We didn't already know what was going to happen, we just assumed. The only people that had an idea were the people reading the comics and those that were reading spoilers, and like I said for the entire week before "reading the spoilers will ruin the episode for you, let alone the show."

Even the people reading comics didn't know entirely. The show throws twists at you all the time.

The only thing that was really simplistic about this episode was the only two characters that died were ones not developing at all. However Hershal survived, that in itself is a surprise since almost every one expected him to go.

However the characters are not unlikable....I thought Rick was a badass, and overall finally stepped into what he had to do. He can't play nice guy anymore because people take advantage of that. Daryl was awesome. Lori is an idiot, and Carl is still stupid. The only character other than Lori I "hate" after this is Carol because she won't stop pouting about everything....

Blink_442584d ago

I just finished the first four books of the walking dead comic and i couldnt believe how different it was from the show